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     Register Association: A0004762T

    ***URGENT****DOWNLOADING FORMS/ FILES when attempting to download some forms etc.. you MAY see a box asking for password and username. Please click CANCEL. The form will then download for you. This is an error from PCAV and we are currently working to rectify the problem. Thankyou.


    PACV  Rules, Guidlines and Updates ................

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    Gear Rules





    Hello St Andrews Family and Friends!!



    20 - 21 MAY 2017

    RDA - Saturday 20th

    PCAV/OPEN - Sunday 21st

    Entries and Times www.eventsecretary.com.au

    Closes 14th May


    Walk B D

    Trot B C E F

    Canter B C E F





    NMZ Brenda Mitton 2 Day Eventing Clinic


    Grades: Pre 5 - Training 3

    Date: Wed 5th - Thurs 6th April

    Venue: Yarra Glen PC

    Entry form 




    This Months Newsletter and Rally Format.

    April 2017 Newsletter click here

    April 2017 Rally Groups click here

    April 2017 Rally Format click here






    The following article from Pony Club Australia is regarding to the changes in helemts and the new standards allowed to be worn during pony club and competitions. Please read and take not.


    EN1384 only are acceptable for helmets made to and including 2015

    2016 will not be accepted.


    PCA New Helmet Standards



    St Andrews Pony Club Membership Forms 2016-2017

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    Existing Member click here

    Any queries: Pam Stuart 9710 1175 / 0413 020 981










    They support us in many ways and we have many pony club families involved with both clubs. Read more for thier site.



    Alpha Dog Coats




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