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    Games and Novelties

    Have fun at rallies and competitions:

    Games are a great activity that should be experienced by all riders. They assist riders to improve their balance and riding seat whilst their mind is distracted by the game. They are also an opportunity to teach the horse emotional control and improve its fitness and flexibility. Bending in particular is an ideal opportunity to improve the lead changes of the horse.


    Clubs & Zones run Games days, and Novelty rings at Gymkhanas. PCAV has the annual Games, Flat Teams and Musical Ride Championship and the Inter Zone Teams Mounted Games Challenge, the teams for these events are selected by each zone through their qualifiers. Great fun is had with costume dress ups for the Musical Ride team.

    Internationally, games and other non-olympic disciplines are also a Pony Club tradition. Victoria participates in the National Mounted Games Competitions, and is part of the roster to send a team member to the International Mounted Games. See the Pony Club Australia website for more information on international events.

    Musical Ride Hints



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