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    WWCC Implementation recommendations for Club Officials

    Suanne Waugh, Friday, 20 March 2015

    Purpose of the Changes

    The intention of the Working With Children Check (WWCC) changes for Pony Club members is to provide a safe and secure environment for our riding members to enjoy Pony Club.

    Steps to take to align with the changes ... Don't wait until 1st July 2015!

    1. Alter your membership forms to include:
      • The WWCC information and identify the primary carer and who will be coming to the rally on a regular basis to ascertain who needs to apply.  These fields maybe WWCC no. Expiry or date of application.
      • Advise new members after they have a “Come and Try” that their membership is conditional upon them providing a WWCC.   If they cannot produce the check before the next rally then they can ride at one rally (after they have joined) upon production of the receipt that it has been applied for.
      • Place a clause on your application form that membership is conditional upon the production of a WWCC.
    2. Advertise to your Adult Supporting Members and Adult Riding Members that they need to obtain a WWCC for Membership Return time.
      • Encourage your Adult Supporting members and Adult Riding Members to register for a WWCC, many may have them already if they are in other sporting/recreation organisations or are assisting at Schools or other youth orientated workplaces or volunteer organisations.
      • Any member with a Teaching, Vic Police or other similar check should simply produce this check and need not apply for a Working with Children’s Check Card.
    3. Adult Supporters and Adult Riding Members are considered volunteers at the Club and should apply under this area and nominate "Pony Club Victoria" as the place of volunteering, you may also record your Club there too.
    4. If you have an Adult Member (Supporter) or Adult Riding Member who refuses to obtain a WWCC they must be refused membership and therefore may not attend Pony Club Rallys more than twice in a year without applying for a WWCC.

    To assist Club Officials to implement this requirement the PCAV State Council have given an 8 months lead in so that members have had time to apply prior to the implementation date.   The application process can commence now in time for the July 1st implementation.

    This ruling has been implemented to promote a safe environment for young people to enjoy Pony Club, the State Council understand this is a new initiative and Club Officials will endeavour to implement this ruling to the best of their ability.

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