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    Register Association: A0004762T

    ***URGENT****DOWNLOADING FORMS/ FILES when attempting to download some forms etc.. you MAY see a box asking for password and username. Please click CANCEL. The form will then download for you. This is an error from PCAV and we are currently working to rectify the problem. Thankyou.

    LOGIN to your MyPonyClub Member Profile today!

    Suanne Waugh, Tuesday, 10 May 2016

    Pony Club Australia in conjunction with member States have launched My PonyClub ... an online portal for Pony Club members.

    FOR CURRENT MEMBERS  |  How to gain access to your Member Profile

    1. Go to [MyPonyClub MEMBER PORTAL]
    2. If you have been a MEMBER of Pony Club and are logging in for the first time ...
      leave the Pony Club ID and password fields blank and click on LOGIN
      • if you are a new member you can sign up online if the Club you want to be a member of is set up for online membership!
    3.  Fill in the details in the box that says "Get your new Pony Club ID".
      • The system will try to match certain data in your membership profile.
        If data is incorrect or missing the system will tell you to call the help desk, you can also contact your Club, Pony Club Victoria State Office 03 8685 8925.  Pony Club Victoria State Office or your Club will update your details then you can go back and verify yourself and gain access to the system.

    My Pony Club consolidates all the important functions that members need to access.  Members can:

    • Renew membership online
    • Register your horses
    • Update personal details
    • Find and enter events online 

    Member Login   Club Login  



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