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    Register Association: A0004762T

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    Our Annual General Meeting is held during our February rally. We ask at least one parent from each family to attend to help elect the new Committee.   Meetings are held in the clubhouse on the last Monday of the month at 8 pm.  All members are welcome.


    District Commissioner

    The Committee selects a District Commissioner (DC) who is responsible for organizing all instruction and activities of the club as well as the grading of all riders and their mounts.  The DC relies heavily upon the participation of ALL families to carry out the many activities necessary to operate the Club successfully. The DC is an honorary position.

    Committee 2012

    President  Peter Stuart 9710 1175 

    Vice President  Mark Tung 9719 7300

    DC Jo Dobson 0429 140 341 

    Rally Organiser  Kerry Cooke 9719 7880 

    Secretary  Helen Powell 9730 1837  Assistant Secretary Amber Lavery 0419 924 876
    Treasurer Ray Lavery 9710 1843

    Zone Rep Anna Gaffney, Ray Lavery 


    Events   Jo Dobson, Meghan Tozer, Karen Findlay, Sue Deylen 
    Canteen Pam Stuart
    Maintenance Roster Jo Dobson
    Grounds Gordon Findlay
    Uniforms Joanne Lavery
    Agistment Pam Stuart
    Fundraising Sue Laurie, Heather Pain, Maureen Orders, Natasha McLeod
    Newsletter Kerry Cooke
    Web  Michael Livesey
    Certificates Helen Powell/ Julie Mill 
    First Aid Julie Mill

    Adult Riders Kerry Uden



    General Committee

    Kerry Cooke
    Larrissa O'Connor
    Carolyn Johnston
    Ron Phippen
    Chris Blanks 
    Kerry Uden
    Karen Findlay 
    Spratling Family 
    Fitzsimons Family


    President  Peter Stuart 9710 1175 


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