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    Register Association: A0004762T

    ***URGENT****DOWNLOADING FORMS/ FILES when attempting to download some forms etc.. you MAY see a box asking for password and username. Please click CANCEL. The form will then download for you. This is an error from PCAV and we are currently working to rectify the problem. Thankyou.

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    Club Renewal and Club Official Update Forms.

    Club Membership Renewal

    Your Pony Club must renew its affiliation with Pony Club Victoria on an annual basis.  To renew your affiliation your Pony Club your Trusted Club Official needs to login to your MyPonyClub Club database and apply for affiliation.  Once you have logged onto the MyPonyClub database, click on Administration | Manage Affiliation.  Affiliation fees are presented on the affiliation front page.

    Update Club Contacts

    During the affiliation process you will be asked to check your Club Officials for accuracy.  Your Club Officials can be changed by your Club throughout the year by logging into the MyPonyClub system.

    If you Club Contacts are wrong on your website please contact Vicki at the State Office membership@ponyclubvic.org.au who will up date them for you.  The Club Contacts on your Club website are drawn from our old database and can currenlty only be updated by the State Office.  Apologies for the inconvience.

    MyPonyClub - Trusted Club Official

    To access the MyPonyClub Club database your Pony Club must have informed the State Office that they have given you permission to gain access to the system.  The form below will help you to be given administrator rights to the MyPonyClub system.

    MyPonyClub Trusted Club Official Form


    Your Riders Grading/Membership cards will not be sent until your Club has renewed its affiliation with Pony Club Victoria.



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