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    Suanne Waugh, Wednesday, 22 July 2015


    PCAV State Council has embarked on a course of action to review the Pony Club Association of Victoria Statement of Purpose and Rules of Incorporation (Constitution) – February 2011

    The process commenced in 2013 with the Good Governance Project which was facilitated by Vicsport. Role Descriptions, Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct and a State Council Induction Kit were created in preparation for a review of the Constitution.

    The Australian Sports Commission defines Governance in the following way;

    Governance is the system by which organisations are directed and managed. It influences how the objectives of the organisation are set and achieved, spells out the rules and procedures for making organisational decisions and determines the means of optimising and monitoring performance, including how risk is monitored and assessed.

    Good Governance Project 2015

    PCAV applied for Strategic Support from Vicsport to facilitate the next phase in the Governance Review.

    The proposed outcomes of this project are to:

    Short term

    • Raise awareness on governance best practice across the Pony Club community
    • Improve knowledge and understanding across PCAV of industry benchmarks and best practice to address priority issues

    Long term

    • A Governance structure that meets industry benchmarks
    • Increased diversity on the PCAV board
    • Improved professional capacity of key volunteers (board members) to govern PCAV

    Governance concerns three key issues:

    • How an organisation develops strategic goals and direction
    • How the board/committee (council) of an organisation monitors the performance of the organisation to ensure it achieves these strategic goals, has effective systems in place and complies with its legal and regulatory obligations
    • Ensuring that the board/committee acts in the best interests of the members

    Why do we need to change the PCAV Statement of Rules and Purposes?

    There were changes made to the Associations Incorporations Act in 2012 and we have a legal obligation to comply with the Act.  Pony Club Australia has changed its Constitution in line with recommendations from the Australian Sport Commission and we need to comply with these changes.

    Proposed Process for Review

    Review the current constitution by identifying:

    • What stays in
    • What is removed
    • What needs to be added to align with:
      1. Relevant legislation including the Associations Incorporations Act 2012and
      2. New Pony Club Australia constitution

    Roll out a Consultation process with PCAV Members to ensure the clear explanation of:

    • Why PCAV wish to move in this direction
    • What changes are proposed and why
    • The impact it will have on relevant members

    Measures being put in place to ensure members have adequate communication channels and voice to PCAV State council

    • The process will be developed as the review is taking place to allow for as much consultation time as possible. Key dates such as the AGM, and any notice of AGM or SGM as currently required will be taken into account

    Collate Feedback from PCAV Members

    • Take feedback, along with required changes to PCAV Constitution to a Solicitor or Legal expert to make adjustments.
    • Present updated constitution to PCAV member for final consultation
      Note: The Distribution of updated constitution will be in accordance with current PCAV constitution regarding notice of AGM/SGM timeframes.

    Make any adjustments based on final PCAV member consultation

    Table at AGM 2016 for adoption



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