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    Register Association: A0004762T

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    Results Showjumping

    PA Grade 1 Individual

    1 West Gippsland Cindy Morrison Theodore
    2 Barwon Andrew Long Cross Ply
    3 West Gippsland Wendy Daniels Charlie
    4 East Gippsland Jade Gilbert Financial Difficulties
    5 North Metro Kate Sargeant Illowra Blue
    5 Wannon Bianca Gilcrist Elgonrong
    6 West Gippsland Ben Claessen Glenrowan

    Photo Right:- PA Showjumping Individual Winner
    Cindy Morrison from West Gippsland Zone

    PA Grade Teams

    East Gippsland
    Amanda Kiss Red October
    Sarah Cunningham Keymour
    Julieanne Chown Ready to rock
    Jade Gilbert Financial Difficulties

    Cindy Morrison

    PB Grade

    1 West Gippsland
    Cassie White Bess - Erin Claessen High Knight - Amberley Thorpe Run the Risk - Emma Link Tom Thumb

    2 Central
    Kirsten Wheatley Second Chance - Kylie McKechnie Jazz - Mandy Sandwith Shadda - Tara White Mister Mischief

    3 North Eastern
    Rick Munt Tyreen King - Rebecca Naish Mesalina Bay - Tim Barnes Gabatini - Sarah Hill 4 Corners

    4 North Metro
    Carly Adams Northen Maynard - James Harvey Robantine Portsman - Sami Wood Star Ovation

    5 East Gippsland
    Candice Gartung Taraquar Roxette - Scott Mowbray Calabar - Sally Lee Mischief Maker - Jessica Phillips Expose

    6 South Metro
    Marnie Curwen Halley’s Comet - Kirsten Lingard Macca -Tom Selby Delatite Who’s To Know - George Cowan Tango R Hmll

    PC Grade

    1 Wannon
    Diana Sutherland Morocco Finn McKool - Kara Hudson Moonlight Shadow - Jarrod McLean Play the Pokies -Sarah Sutherland Von Whickham

    2 South Metro
    Heather Wild Suntos Helia - Amy Johnston Ballistic - Kate Sheridan Colt - Brooke Schreuder Productivity

    3 West Gippsland
    Megan Jamieson Crown Jewel - Billie-Jean Calder Prince Charming - Lauren Emmett Restdown Curiosity - Ruth Boast Royal Commissioner

    3 Midland
    Sarah Coffey Jamaica Rum - Sally Corcoran Pete - Paul Hanigan Florizan - Lauren Kalms Lushain

    5 Central
    Clare Wheatley Nutcracker - Samantha Benfell Pony - Raquel Stoll Chivelle Supreme - Emma Conroy Altair Centauri

    5 Barwon
    Amy Tubbs Kane - Tessa McKewan Sally -Nikki Vankruisbergen Magazine Fame - Stacey Jarvis Athol

    Results Dressage

    Stage 1 Individual

    1 Northern Katrina Warne Northern Pacifica
    2 Northern Sarah Warne Zen
    3 Barwon Lisa Dopper Perisher Time
    4 South Metro Jenny Hewitt Rocky
    5 Central Briana Judge Academy Award
    6 Central Joanna Clarke Bolinda Vale Toyzam

    Stage 1 teams

    1 Northern
    Katrina Warne Northern Pacifica - Sarah Warne Zen - Stacey McPhee Bart -

    2 Central
    Joanna Clarke Bolinda Vale Toyzan - Briana Judge Academy Award - Kylie Eriksson Noble Image - Nadia Coghlan Transformer

    3 North Metro
    Kathryn Thorton Jurisdiction - Zoe Potter Zulu - Tilly Wheate Pitchwood Titania

    4 Barwon
    Lisa Dopper Perisher Time - Renee Pedretti Sunbury Lodge Thomas - Rebecca Provan Andario

    5 South Metro
    Jennifer Hodgins Chaarlie Blue - Lisa Seamer Sienna Tailor made - Sally Connell Five Jays Music Man - Jenny Hewitt Rocky

    6 East Gippsland
    Nicole Guillot Cheraton Flashdancer - Simone Barton Allenby - Hailey Dicecco Deveron Matisse

    Stage 2

    1 West Gippsland
    Julie Edge Stryker - Jessie Fleming Thady O’Ryan - Melanie Hall Sebastian

    2 North Metro
    Nikki Donald Ollie - Asha Leeson Black Ice - Jacquie Bell Belalaika

    3 Central
    Sandra Marland Mortal Combat - Sunday McKay Zenit - Serryn Tumber Star Nova

    4 Barwon
    Dina Lucato Speculation - Rachael Feely Klimke Inala - Pauline Shepherd Abel Lord

    5 North Eastern
    Matthew Hanley Sharinga Quicksand - Joanne Bektash Theatre Pass -Adelle Slater Weona Park Talliq

    6 Midland
    Siobhan Melican Maddie - Melissa King The Cook - Lauren Chalmers Rullion Green

    Stage 3

    1 Central
    Renee Robinson Glen - Kelly Fitzpatrick Derlwyn Joshua - Natalie McKinley Caneeblitzem

    2 North Metro
    Hayley Smith Buddy - Bianca Mason Tora -Vanessa Beanland Waralee Kalifa

    3 East Gippsland
    Anna Whelan Gilby - Shae Rudge Mahogony Shaquille - Amy Code Coroglen Sebastian

    4 Northern
    Stephanie White T K Chardonnay - Miranda Branson Moving Pictures - Emma Scott Caitlyn

    5 Wannon
    Charlene Potter King Bill - Leah Haworth Billabong - Sarah McArthur Titan

    6 Barwon
    Cassie de Rue Kingsfred Oscar - Samantha Whiting Bart - Susan Carter Ennerdale Orel

    State Dressage and Showjumping

    Back Row: Robyn McFee  Ben Claessen  Cindy Morrison  Daniel Morris  Wendy Daniels
    Middle: Emma Link - Erin Claessen - Amberly Thorpe - Cassie White
    Front Row:  Billie Jean Calder - Megan Jamieson - Ruth Boast - Lauren Emmett.



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