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    1999 Flat Teams and Musical Ride Kay Irving Memorial Games Championships

    Flat Teams. Held Saturday, 12th June 1999.

    1st Upper Yarra No 2 Team ~ 193 points
    Team Members: Kate Arton - Ashleigh Atwell -  Kylie Booker - Alyce Price
    2nd Kilmore Team ~ 190 points
    Team Members: Tara White -Joanne Palmeteer - Sophie McLean -
    Bree Tucker
    3rd Albury Team ~ 189 points
    Team Members: Sophie Douglas -Sarah Frauenfelder - Tally Fletcher -
    Todd Crawshaw
    4th Wodonga Team ~ 183 points
    Team Members: Sarah Beaumont -Adele Slater -Angela Redman -
    Kristy Barwood
    5th Upper Beaconsfield Team ~ 182 points
    Team Members: Katie Kelly - Elissa Kerpen -Natalie Kerpen -Beccy Woff
    6th Barwon Valley Team ~ 179 points
    Team Members: Lucy McEachern -Bronwyn Whitten - Emily Partington -
    Niki Van Kruisbergen

    Musical Ride (teams of four). Held Saturday, 12th June 1999.

    1st Albury Team ~ 84 points
    Team Members: Sarah Frauenfelder -Tally Fletcher -Todd Crawshaw -Katherine Backhouse
    2nd Cannibal Creek Team ~ 81 points
    Team Members: Catherine Martindale -Jane Martindale -Jackie Librio -
    Tori Rath
    3rd Upper Beaconsfield Team ~ 73 points (on a count back)
    Team Members: Katie Kelly - Elissa Kerpen - Natalie Kerpen - Beccy Woff
    4th Lilydale Team ~ 73 points (on a count back)
    Team Members: Katrina Hodgson - Brooke Hodgers -Emily Hodgson -
    Emma McGuire
    5th Benalla Team ~ 73 points (on a count back)
    Team Members: Tessa Archbold - Cassia Montgomery -Nikki Paton -
    Alexia Archbold
    6th Pakenham Team ~ 72 points
    Team Members: Anthony Delaney - Sarah Hall -Amanda McDonald -
    Tori Oglesby

    Results of Kay Irving Memorial Games Champiosnhips
    (teams of six or seven). Held Sunday, 13th June 1999.

    1st Yarrambat Team ~ 290 points
    Team Members: Katherine Crouch - Stephanie Tieman -Scott Leslie -
    Daniel Leslie - Hayley Smith - Melanie Adams - Angela Tieman
    2nd Upper Beaconsfield Team ~ 280 points
    Team Members: Kristal Wheeler - Danielle Bain -Katie Chisnall -
    Adele Kemp -Tracey Timms - Alex Weimann -Katja Weimann
    3rd Oaklands Team ~ 250 points
    Team Members: Vicki Greenwood - Leah Ciocco - Carly Lamb -
    Alisa Vermay - Stacey Kelly - Megan Skinner - Candice Campbell
    4th Pakenham Team ~ 240 points
    Team Members: Scott Cruise - Ashleigh Flemming -Bridget Fleming -
    Jessie Flemming -Keely Fleming - Megan Jamieson -Matthew Watt
    5th Macclesfield No 2 Team ~ 220 points
    Team Members: Phillip Porter - Corinne Hoddinott - Bradley Porter -
    Lauren Over - Brooke Wigmore - Ryan Davis - Eilyse Davis
    6th Wodonga Team ~ 220 points
    Team Members: Emily Maher - Michelle Knipping - Aaron Nisbitt -
    Tremayne Seymour - Lisa Knipping - Lacey Seers


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