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    Pony Club Association of Victoria Championships

    Pony Club Association of Victoria

    Games, Flat Teams & Musical Ride
    Venue: Geelong Showgrounds
    Date: 2002

    Pony Clubs from all over Victoria competed in the above championships.


    The State Flat Teams and the Musical Ride Teams Championships took place on Saturday 8 June at Geelong Showgrounds. Teams qualified at their Zone qualifying day prior to being eligible for State Championships. Some teams competed in both the 'Flat' and the 'Musical Ride' sections whereas other teams rode in only one of the two sections. Both Flat and Musical Ride Teams consisted of 4 riders and their horses. There were 25 Teams competing in the Flat Teams Section and 24 Teams competing in the Musical Ride Section.

    In the 'Flat Team' section teams have to complete in three phases –

    (i) Rehearsed Team of Four Ride, (ii) Rehearsed Pairs Ride and (iii) Team of Four Ride Unrehearsed test.

    In the 'Musical Ride' section teams choreographed their own performance.

    1ST MT. EVELYN (160 Points) 1ST MACEDON (83 Points)
    Chloe Boam (Chesterville Gem) Elizabeth Cox (Robbie)
    Jessica McCann (Maximum Expectations) Stephanie Werner (Pinkie)
    Annike Von Voren (Ah-Kem) Louisa Glenn (Blackjack)
    Stacey Sjogren (Top Executive) Jessica Hartup (Gypsy)
    2ND ST. ANDREWS (156 Points) 2ND BENALLA NO. 1 (79 Points)
    3RD BERRY’S CREEK (152 Points) 3RD MERRICKS & MENTONE (77 Points)
    4TH DRYSDALE & LEOPOLD (150 Points) 4TH COCKATOO (76 Points)
    5TH HEYWOOD (149 Points) 5TH LANCEFIELD (75 Points)
    6TH RIDDELLS CREEK NO. 1 (148 Points) 6TH LAURIMAR (74 Points)


    The State Games Championships took place at Geelong Showgrounds on Sunday 9 June. 25 Teams qualified at their Zone event prior to the State Championships. A team consisted of 6 or 7 riders with only 6 riders able to ride in each game.

    Games were:

    Bending Relay
    Bottle Race
    Ball & Bucket Race
    Sack Race
    Stick Pegging Relay
    Flag and Drum Relay

    As both Benalla No. 1 and Wodonga had the top score (270 Points) there was a 'Run-off' to determine 1st place. Following the 'Run-Off' the places were:

    1ST BENALLA NO. 1 (270 Points)
    Andrew Bamford (Zaydan), Kacey Hausner (Hero), Kylie Button (Topaz), Jesse Ramage (Cassmik), Hetty De Crespigny (Tilly), Asha Warnock (Smokey), Dwayne Reid (Flicker).
    2ND WODONGA (270 Points)
    3RD MACEDON & LOCH/NYORA (260 Points)
    4TH OAKLANDS (250 Points)
    5TH KILMORE (230 Points)
    6TH YARRAMBAT (220 Points)


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