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    1997 State Dressage and Showjumping Championships

    Report on PCAV State Dressage and Showjumping Championships - Wodonga 9th February 1997

    Firstly I must congratulate and thank the team of 102 workers judges and officials, including the Border District Showjumping Club as well as the Wodonga Catering team, who all contributed to the conduct of these 1997 Championships. I also wish to thank the Council for giving Country Victoria the opportunity to host these Championships.

    I must pay tribute to the past Committee.

    To run such an event without access to our local support, loyalty and the number of workers that I had available, would have made it a tremendous task.

    All Councillors have been provided with a copy of the final results and a break down of the showjumping eliminations and clear rounds.

    The Dressage commenced a little late due to a local Racing Trainer who insisted in continuing to train after an agreed time, however this was soon made up and all finished on time.

    All judges were pleased with the standard experienced on the day.

    Showjumping C grade with 40 riders finished after the other two rings, which had less riders. I believe the less experienced C graders use all of their 60 seconds to ride around after the judge rings his bell. If you multiply the number of competitors by the three events by 60 seconds - you can see where some of the time goes in the C Grade ring. (40 x 3x 60 seconds = 2 hours) Do not put blame on my judge-he spent his lunch time assisting the course builder to change the course and had lunch delivered to him on the job.

    A & B Grade ran well and finished mid afternoon. Our judges and officials in these two rings, were not happy with the standard of competitors.

    Jumping Equitation is a wonderful training discipline and our Committee would like to recommend that this be expected now to stand on its own as a full Championship in its own right and that it be deleted from the 'Showjumping' Championships.

    The financial statement which is attached is based on a comparison of 1996 figures as I was not quite sure of the requirements. These figures are for the actual event only.

    All extra sashes for equal placings were posted on 14th March to the appropriate Zones for distribution. As no individual addresses were known to our Secretary.

    The access to back numbers on the Saturday, was very well received by competitors and team managers, We would firmly recommend this to the 1998 Host Zone.

    I am somewhat amazed at the lack of information in the field, when team managers /competitors collected back numbers on the Saturday and asked a million and one questions.

    Perhaps the next Host Zone - Northern, might consider sending out Event and other information with the Schedules in September to the Clubs instead of leaving it until the draw is posted to the Zones. We believe that the Christmas break and holidays does have a bearing on the lack of information that competitors received. Follow the Horse Trials format of having everything out in the field before the qualifying days so everyone receives the information not just the Zones.

    I would ask competitors in future to show much more consideration for t he cleaners, when the riders use toilet facilities. The Wodonga Turf Club's ladies facilities were a disgrace. Yes and it was our local Pony Club who had to clean them and restore to original condition.

    The North Eastern Zone Committee, trusts that you enjoyed your stay in Wodonga and we wish Northern Zone the very best for 1998.

    On behalf of the Organising Committee ... Jess Hull



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