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    Register Association: A0004762T


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    Special Rules of the Club



    • All riders must wear ASA/NZS approved helmets when riding on the grounds.
    • Only club members may ride on the grounds.
    • No dogs allowed on the grounds at any time.
    • Pony Club riders MUST NOT use the grounds during Adult Riders rally days
                            - Check your monthly newsletter for dates

    Hard Hats

    Hard hats/helmets (ASA/NZS 3838 approved) must be worn at all times when riding on Pony Club grounds.  This includes even when "just sitting" on your mount.  Anyone seen mounted without a hat will be faced with the prospect of suspension.  This rule is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of all riders.


    Back protectors

    The club has a number of back protectors of different sizes that are available to members free on rally days.  We encourage members to use them for cross-country and Showjumping.   They must be signed out and

    in again on rally days so we can keep track of them – they cost up to $300 each to replace.


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