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    St Andrew's Horse and Pony Club Gounds



    The Club has four arenas surfaced with a mix of sand & scoria. The main ménage and small ménage lie below the clubhouse.  The ‘airstrip’, which is usually used for Showjumping lies at the end of the track leading to the southeast part of the grounds.  The top arena (‘Brenda’s area’) is above the hill from the clubhouse.


    A fifth arena is being built on top of the hill past the air strip.


    The cross-country course has been built by parents and contractors over a period of years and is continuously evolving and developing.  Its hilly nature offers members opportunities to develop a broad range of cross-country skills.


    The clubhouse has been built by parents over time and represents many hours of labour by volunteers.  Facilities are constantly being improved. 


    The Club jointly owns with Nillumbik Council the twenty acres containing the three arenas and the cross-country course.  Another 35 acres adjacent to the Club belongs to the Council and use of this area is under negotiation.  At present riding in the 35 acres is restricted to the track only.  Plans are being made for including the area in the cross-country course for events, up to a maximum of 4 times per year.


    The Club grounds are a mixture of bush land and pasture.  Agistment on the pasture is organized by the Committee member responsible (see ‘Committee’).  The bush land area is protected by the Club in liaison with the Environment Officer from the Shire of Nillumbik.  A number of special plant and animal species are to be found in this area.  Brush-tailed phascogale nest boxes have been placed in the bush land area by a local research group.


    Members may use the grounds at any time except during Adult Riders rallies.  The electric fence should always be left on, but if for any reason it has to be turned off, please remember to turn it on again.


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